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DOUBLE-BEND, WITH STANDARD NOSE DESIGNS. These standard cold-formed tips are bent from straight tips and have the same hardness and conductivity. They outlast, many time over, the old cast and forged tips of similar geometry, which are impossible to cool adequately. The table shows a wide range of tips generally available from stock. For sizes not shown, refer to the diagrams and description key at the bottom of the page, and order what you need. All measurements will be accurate. However, over-all length, in 1/8-in multiples, will be held to within 1/16-in. Lengths will not vary from one order to the next.

Tapers, water holes, and nose designs are the same as the standard straight tips in this catalog. Water tubes can be furnished.

Standard nose designs other than those shown here may be furnished on short order. Follow the "Key to Description", using a 'B' for Dome nose, 'C' for flat nose, 'E' for truncated cone, and 'F' for radius nose.


EXAMPLE: FA-25212-8
F=Cold-Formed A=Nose Designation 2=RWMA Alloy Class 5=RW Taper No. 2=Length in whole inches 12=Additional Length in 16ths 8=Offset in 16ths
F A Pointed Nose

B Dome Nose

C Flat Nose

D Offset Nose

E Truncated Nose

F Radius Nose

Class 1

Class 2

Class 3





up to 4 inches 1 to 15 1 to 32

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