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U. S. Pat. No. 3,558,847

Cylinder-mounting Adapter

Shank, Item No. 195-7063

Clamp, Item No. 194-2040, not included

The Equatip dual tip holder is a smaller version of the Equa-Press holder. It is more compact, and is more economical for those applications where it will work equally well. An even smaller device, the Equatip adapter (not water-cooled) is shown in box below.

Using the Equatip holder, both tips contact the work squarely, because tip axes remain parallel to direction of force (unlike the Teeter-Tip adapters). An internal roller equalizes current and pressure between the two electrodes, and will compensate for work height variations up to 1/16 inch.


The holders are orderd with either 1 or 1-1/2 inch spacing between barrels, and with tip sockets to accept either male Tuffcap caps (5/8 inch dia.) or straight No. 4 RW electrodes. (Bent tips are not recommended.) The distance between welds can be varied by rotating offset-nose tips in the barrels. On 1 inch spaced barrels, specialized spacing is available between 0.875 and 1.4 inches, and on 1-1/2 inch spaced barrels, specialized spacing between 1.25 and 2.125 inches is available.

Equatip holders can be supplied with straight shanks for arm mounting, a tapered adapter shank for holder mounting,or a cylinder adapter shank to be clamped to a cylinder rod.



5RW Taper Adapter Shank

Item No. 195-5680

Tip Spacing & Mounting Style
For 5/8" Dia. Tuffcap Caps
For No. 4 RW Tips
Item No.
Item No.
1-in. shank 4050 350-4050  4055 350-4055
1-1/4-in. shank 4051 350-4051 4056 350-4056
1-1/2-in. shank 4052 350-4052 4057 350-4057
5RW adapter 4053 350-4053 4058 350-4058
Cylinder adapter* 4054 350-4054 4059 350-4059
1-in. shank 4150 350-4150 4155 350-4155
1-1/4-in. shank 4151 350-4151 4156 350-4156
1-1/2-in. shank 4152 350-4152 4157 350-4157
5RW adapter 4153 350-4153 4158 350-4158
Cylinder adapter* 4154 350-4154 4159 350-4159


For light-duty welding- EQUATIP Adapter

The Equatip dual tip adapter works like the Equatip holder, but it is not water-cooled and is meant for less demanding jobs. It costs less, and is a little smaller, barrels being 5/8 inch apart. Its straight tips are Tuffcap caps, 1/2 inch in diameter.

1/2-inch diameter Tuffcap Caps (4 CT)

4045, Item No. 350-4045-5RW

4046, Item No. 350-4046-4RW

Nose Style 
Alloy Class
Item No.
Pointed 1 TA-14 111-0014
2 TA-24 112-0024
Dome 1 TB-14 113-0014
2 TB-24 114-0024
Flat 1 TC-14 115-0014
2 TC-24 116-0024
Offset 1 TD-14 117-0014
2 TD-24 118-0024

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