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U. S. Pat. No 3,632,958 Canada Pat. No. 902,189

TUFFALOY fast-follow-up (low inertia) holders solve the problem of maintaining adequate weld pressure on rapidly collapsing projection welds - with fewer set-up problems and reduced maintenance.

These holders can be set to deliver fast-follow-up forces of from 140 to 1300 pounds, a range covering 90% of all projection welding operations. They are compact, water cooled, and easy to maintain.

Plus features of the TUFFALOY fast-follow-up holder include: (1) wider range of pressures than any competitive make (2) no flexible shunt - a common cause of holder failure (3) use of standard, unmodified die springs, so if you need a spring of different strength, it's easily available (4) spring forces available are clearly indicated, so it's easy to set up for a specific force (5) three shank sizes, or it can be platen-mounted - the only fast-follow-up holder that can (6) extremely low height permits use where larger units cannot be used.

When used where no low-inertia holder had been used, these holders permit higher production rates with lower current consumption. Multiple welding set-ups are possible through use of a T-Bar clamp. Distance between holders is infinitely variable.

TUFFALOY fast-follow-up holders can be used to limit the weld pressure of any spot welding machine regardless of cylinder size or air pressure. This is better than reducing air pressure, which slows the return stroke and retards production.


For every 1/8th of an inch that a fast-follow-up is compressed when setting up, a known amount of force is provided, to quickly follow up any reduction in work thickness. Example: at position B, a type MH spring would deliver 310 lbs., at C 440 lbs., etc.

Spring Type 
1/8-in. Compression
1/4-in. Compression
3/8-in. Compression
1/2-in. Compression
M (300 lbs. max.) 140 200 250 300
MH (680 lbs. max.) 310 440 560 680
H (1300 lbs. max.) 600 840 1070 1300
Mounting Style
300 LBS. MAX.
680 LBS. MAX.
1300 LBS. MAX.
Item No.
Item No.
Item No.
1" Shank 4620 350-4620 4621 350-4621 4622 350-4622
1-1/4" Shank 4623 350-4623 4624 350-4624 4625 350-4625
1-1/2 " Shank 4626 350-4626 4627 350-4627 4628 350-4628
Platen-Mtd. 4629 350-4629 4630 350-4630 4631 350-4631

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