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TUFFALOY PM holders are mounted directly to press-type welder platens, or are used as components of special weld fixturing.

Platen Mounting: PM holders bolt easily to the platen T-slots at any desired location, in a minimum of time (no intermediary device is required). Big half-inch mounting bolts may be used to assure good conductivity. They are the first such standard, stocked holders to be made available. They come in two sizes, to match standard T-slot spacing, and to hold the 2 sizes of tips shown. The small size 1 PM holder is for use on RWMA Size 1 press-type welders (3-1/2-in. spacing) and the large size 2 PM holder is for size 2 and 3 welders (5- and 6-in. spacing). The electrodes used do not require any particular radial positioning to obtain proper coolant flow. These are compact holders that may be used one-to-one or in multiples in close proximity to one another.

Fixture Building: PM holders make special fixture building easy. They can be bolted to a fixture or backup base as easily as to a platen. They are compact and have self-contained coolant systems that eliminate making a coolant manifold out of the fixture.

Hose Connections: You may specify where you want the hose connectors in the hexagonal base. Select any two of the six possible locations and specify by using the symbol shown on the diagram (connector locations: A-B, or A-D, etc.). Position A-C is standard. (A-F and C-D are not possible).

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