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Tuffcap electrodes consist of two pieces: a shank and a replaceable cap. These two-part electrodes offer major economies. When the nose geometry is worn out, only the cap need be replaced, at a cost far less than a standard one-piece electrode. A Tuffcap shank will normally outlast ten to twelve caps. Also, electrode inventory can be small because all nose designs will fit the same size shank.

TWO TYPES: TUFFALOY offers two kinds of Tuffcap electrodes. One uses a male cap that fits into the shank and a female cap that fits over the shank. The major functional difference is that coolant water enters male caps, and does not enter female caps (unless ordered with through-holes).

IF you know the exact cap or shank you want, or want to specify the dimensions, go to our BUILD YOUR OWN PAGE.

MALE CAPS are available in the widest range of sizes, alloys, and styles. They are made in both Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3 alloy, and in sizes to fit shanks sized 4 through 7 RW. They are more effectively cooled than female caps.

FEMALE CAPS are made in the same nose designs as the male caps, in conformance with RWMA standards. They are made of Class 2 alloy. Female caps can be changed without shutting off coolant water, and are less likely to leak..

MALE AND FEMALE SHANKS are made of Class 2 alloy, either straight or bent to provide an offset. Shanks other than those cataloged can be special ordered. Tuffcap caps and shanks should be used only in a directly opposed, straight-line manner. They do not work as well as standard electrodes on heavily coated metal such as galvanized or tin-plate.

TUFFTRODE-Z CAPS FOR COATED STEELS avoid electrode sticking problems common when welding galvanized and aluminized materials. These copper-zirconium alloy caps give the same performance as dispersion-strengthened caps but cost far less. They are roughly equivalent to Class 2 caps in mechanical and physical properties. Male and female caps are offered in the same nose designs as Class 1 & 2 caps, but only in 5/8-in. dia. (to fit shanks with 5 RW taper).

SPECIFICATIONS: Nominal composition, Cr .9-1.2%, Zr .02-.08%, Cu balance; conductivity, 83-88%, Hardness, Rockwell B 85.

NEW! SUPER NOSE DESIGN CAPS avoid mushrooming and brassing problems associated with standard designs. These caps have a self-dressing weld face ring that acts as a control zone. These Super Nose caps are available in TUFFALOY'S new "Z" material that eliminates electrode sticking problems common when welding galvanized and aluminized materials. Male and female designs are offered to fit shanks with 5 RW taper. U.S. Patent Number 5,155,320. Other patents pending.


Remove caps easily without damage

MALE CAP EXTRACTOR has long-lever handles for easier cap removal. In two dual-size models: EX-45 and EX-56.
TOGGLE-TYPE MALE CAP EXTRACTOR, model EX-4 adjusts to handle size 4 & 5 RW shanks and caps.
FEMALE CAP EXTRACTORS are made for three Tuffcap shank sizes: Models Ex-4F, Ex-5F, and Ex-6F.

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