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The TWA-6 is the larger and heavier duty companion of the TWA-3 series that was hailed as the world's first constant pressure air operated welding head. In operation, when the foot switch is depressed, air pressure from the cylinder actuates the patented cam/cantilever spring assembly and the electrode moves down contacting the pieces to be welded. Only the pressure of the cantilever spring is applied regardless of any variations in the air pressure lines. The weld sequence is initiated by a micro-switch, which is activated by the cantilever spring deflection.

The TWA-6 also features roller bearing slides for true low friction, low inertia performance. This welder is ideally suited to semi-automatic and automatic applications.

TWA-6 Technical Features:
Type Press KVa Range Up to 125 KVa Electrode Force 25 to 250 lbs. Vernier Adjustment Dimensions 27"Hx7.5"Wx13"D Electrode Size No.1 Morse Taper Throat Depth 3.5" Stroke Up to 2.0"

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