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The Detect-A-Finger™ drop-probe devices are used on small machines to protect the operator’s fingers from point-of-operation hazards. The aluminum probe is shaped by the user to fit each application. Additional material, such as acrylic or polycarbonate clear plastic pieces or tube-type materials can be added to the probe to provide adequate protection. When doing this, care should be taken not to add too much additional weight to the probe. Light materials should be used.

These devices are designed to drop by gravity. If a finger or piecepart is in the way of the probe and the probe is not allowed to complete its downward travel, the machine will not start a cycle or stroke. The rotary solenoid, in some units, is in the control box and when energized, after initiation of the cycle, allows the probe to drop. A spring returns the probe to its starting or up position. Another drop-probe device uses interlocking cams in its operating mechanism.

On machines that are mechanically operated, an air cylinder or electric solenoid may have to be added to the operating linkage to trip the machine. On machines that are hydraulically or pneumatically operated, the drop-probe control can usually be interfaced with the existing control system.

When updating machines to meet safety standards, please make sure that each machine is looked at as an individual system that includes, but is not limited to, safeguarding (drop-probe device), machine control, disconnect switch, motor starter, covers for rotating components, auxiliary parts, lockout/tagout equipment, and feeding and retrieving of workpieces.

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