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Weld Current Equalizer

The Weld Current Equalizer helps ensure weld quality by balancing secondary weld currents in multi-spot welding machines.

Purpose:  In multi-spot welding systems, equal weld currents are expected in the two weld circuits powered by one multi-spot transformer.  For this reason, impedance balanced transformers are used and the designer of welding tools exercises great care to make the geometry of the two welding circuit identical.  Regardless of these efforts, unbalances in weld currents of 10% and above exist due to uncontrollable differences between the welding circuits and deterioration of welding loop components causing unacceptable weld quality.  The weld current equalizer balances the weld currents by transformer action.  Other applications of the weld current equalizer are to balance the weld currents between two welding circuits operated by two single secondary transformers and to use the device as a weld current splitter to power two weld circuits from one welding transformer having a single secondary.  Typical equalizer connections are shown on drawing R1959.  The advantages of the weld current equalizer are:

1.  Eliminates equalization of currents by trial and error 4.  No adjustments required
2.  Compensates for deterioration of welding loop components 5.  No regular maintenance
3.  Easy to install on new or existing machines 6.  Rugged device

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