Equipment - PW Single Side Poke Weld Guns - Technical Data

The wide range of welding guns available with the PW Poke Welders ensures that there is always a gun suitable for the user requirements.

Bearing in mind that all of the Poke gun range is suitable only for thin gauge materials (they are not recommended for car body work) select the gun best suited to your needs from the table.

All single sided guns (apart from the PG6), come fitted as standard with 1.5m cables and a Vise-Grip type earth clamp with copper jaws.


The PG1 is the smallest single side gun. It can be fitted with a straight or 90degree tip and has a built in switch.



The PG2 is the most widely used gun in the range. Easy to handle and with a conveniently placed switch it can be used for a wide variety of work.



The PG3, (shown here with a roll spot wheel) takes a 13mm tapered electrode, ideal for medium duty work on heavier gauges than the PG2.



The PG3W is a fully watercooled version of the PG3, allowing use under higher duty cycle conditions.



The PG4 gun is designed as a series welder. This gun will apply 2 spots simultaneously and is ideal for fast operations or where attaching an earth can be difficult.



The PG5 is an ergonomically designed pliers gun, for use where access to thin gauge sheets (up to 0.5mm) is required.



The PG5M miniature pliers gun is the smallest in the range. Designed for use in the electronics industry, it offers a high degree of precision.



The PG6 is a heavy duty gun, fully watercooled and designed for use with watercooled cables. It will be used for thicker materials or high duty cycle applications.

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