Equipment - Aromac Spot Welding Gun

Models S-2151 / S-2152

The S-2151 series funs are specifically designed as an economical means of joining light gauge sheet steel. They are extremely compact and also highly maneuverable on all three places of operation. Ideally suited for production line use, they have built in versatility for many custom applications.

·  Rated at 15KVA with 15,000 amps of secondary short circuit current.

·  Maximum electrode force of 560 lbs. at 85 P.S.I. and shortest throat depth.

·  Ball-race type gyroscopic suspension allows easy rotation.

·  Interchangeable standard arms provide throat depths of 6.29 in. through 19.68 in.

·  Gyro lock provides consistency in all planes of operation.

·  Trigger controlled retraction for extra electrode clearance to work stroke.

·  Designed for single spot or automatic repeat with appropriate controls.

·  Fully water cooled.

·  Epoxy-resin encapsulated transformer.

·  Standard cable length 50 ft.

·  Weight 72 lbs. with short arms.

(S-2151 pictured)


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