Equipment - Aromac Spot Welding Gun

Models S-6421 / S-6422

The S-6421 Series guns have outstanding ability for the welding of heavy duty sheet steel applications. They are easy to handle with movement on all three planes of operation.

·  Rated at 42KVA with 26,000 amps short circuit secondary current.

·  Interchangeable standard arms provide throat depths of 9.84" through 41.34".

·  Maximum electrode force of 1,210 lbs. at 72 P.S.I. and shortest throat depth.

·  Able to weld two pieces of 6 ga. mild steel together with 9.84" throat depth.

·  Suitable for use with full range of standard and special controls.

·  Trigger controlled retraction for extra electrode clearance with automatic return to working stroke.

·  Compact ball-race type gyroscopic suspension system for excellent maneuverability in three planes.

·  Fully water cooled.

·  Standard cable length 50 ft.

·  Weight 143 lbs.


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