Equipment - Portable Resistance Spotwelding Guns

Spring Balancers
For Weld Gun Suspension


  • A safety device to prevent the dropping of the load in case of breakdown in the balancer and prevent potential injury. The precision guided cable cable is wound in order to avoid entanglement and jamming. The locking device is controlled from the floor for instant clamping and release. Ribbed and sealed monobloc construction in aluminum alloy, optimum safety and sturdiness. Inert spring drum assembly for ease of replacement. Upper suspension with rotary safety hook. Cable guide in anti-frictional material. Taper drum rotating on ball bearings. Tension adjustment allows the capacity to be adjusted by means of a worm screw. Electrically insulated suspension system.


  • Lower rotating hook on ball bearing.

Model Capacity
9361B 22-33 10-15
9362B 33-44 15-20
9363B  44-55 20-25
9364B  55-66 25-30
9365B 66-77 30-35
9366B 77-99 35-45
9367B 99-121 45-55
9368B 121-143 55-65
9369B 143-165 65-75
9370BR 165-198 75-90
9371BR 198-231 90-105
9422BR 220-253 100-115

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