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Unitrol Controls - Technical Specifications for Solution 2

26 I/O (expandable to 38):

  • 7 initiation inputs (discreet or binary), dry contact or PNP
  • 4 (expandable to 16 total) programmable115V valve outputs (24 VDC optional)
  • 5 addressable proximity/pressure/limit switch inputs, dry contact or PNP
  • EHR, End of Hold Relay (sequence completion), dry contact (NO or NC)
  • INIT./REWELD reads binary code or repeats last weld, dry contact or PNP
  • WATER SAVER 115V valve output (remains ON 1 minute after last weld
  • 3 assignable FAULT outputs (MAJOR, MINOR, SPECIAL FAULT), dry contact or PNP
  • ES, Emergency Stop input, dry contact or PNP
  • NO WELD, external dry contact or PNP and also keypad selectable
  • Transformer over temperature input, dry contact or PNP
  • SCR over temperature input, dry contact or PNP

Up to 45 LINKS (groups of functions) per CHAIN

Up to 15 separate CHAINS (of 45 links each for a total of 675 LINKS)



Uses simple 17 button keypad (like a touch tone phone) for all programming

70 complete RWMA weld program memory, does not require linking

Ability to use the same weld PROGRAM at multiple locations in a CHAIN

Can insert time delay and stop sequences at desired places in the CHAIN

Full 32 character alpha/numeric readout in PLAIN ENGLISH – NO CODES

Valve outputs 4 (expandable to 16 total) can be independently designated in programs to:

  • Turn on or off at the start of any link
  • Turn on or off at the end of any link

Includes ANTI-TIEDOWN and ANTI-REPEAT functions

Can be initiated in 5 different ways:

  • Single Stage switch closure to select any of 7 CHAINS
  • Two Stage switch closure to select any of 3 CHAINS
  • Binary switch input to directly select any of 70 programs
  • Binary switch input to select any of 15 CHAINS
  • Keypad Select non-chaining mode to select a single weld schedule of the 70 available

One prox. input can be used for a LIGHT CURTAIN (preprogrammed function)

Can control up to 15 SCR contactors in any sequence (Multi-SCR option)

Can monitor Weld Current (option):

  • Single primary CT
  • Up to 15 secondary coils

Can read up to 16 different Differential Pressure Transducers or Load Cells (option)

Keyboard Keylock is standard

Digital COUNTER displays individual welds or completed parts

CHAINS can be manually or automatically run in 6 different modes:

  • Run the CHAIN one time and stop
  • Run the CHAINS sequentially
  • Run the CHAIN one time. If a proximity switch is closed at the end, stop.
  • Run as above – At the end, go to the next CHAIN
  • Run a CHAIN 2-99 times and stop
  • Run a CHAIN 2-99 times and go to the next CHAIN

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